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Monthy Service Fee
Covers hosting, backups and support
Per Patient Fee
Usage fee for the number of new patients entered each month
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So how much does it cost?
With Mavenlive you pay only for what you use, much the same as electricity or phone. The $50 basic service fee provides 24/7 access to Mavenlive's servers, constant backup of your data, and, as close as possible, no down time; if one server fails another server almost immediately takes over. This is far less expensive for a business than running its own server system. To verify this, call any local computer service company and ask them what they'd charge for a contract giving you three hour response time. Mavenlive is both a software and hardware solution.

Beyond the basic service charge, the one dollar per new patient fee assures that anyone will only pay for what they use; there is no penalty for part time therapists or busy therapists. If you look into this, it is actually less then the cost of a paper chart with all the bits and pieces that go into that (generally estimated at $2 to $3). You'll also be saving the cost and annoyance of endlessly pulling and refilling charts. The average full time physiotherapist will see between 25 and 30 new patients a month in a busy practice.

Mavenlive provides an affordable way for you to computerize your clinic and saves you the frustration of maintaining a server system. Each month you're credit card will be charged for your usage and Mavenlive will email you an invoice for your financial records
How does the trial work?
You have full access to all features of Mavenlive during your 14-day trial. During your trial period you can enter in as many patients as possible without being charged. It's a great way to get your feet wet and see if Mavenlive is the right fit for you and your clinic with no risk.
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