Upper Trapezius Stretch

Professional Rationale
A basic upper trapezius stretch. This stretch is often instructed with overpressure, however this lends to dramatic increases in the load and stress on the cervical spine joints and the discs of the cervical spine.

Client Rationale
This is a stretch for your upper trapezius, or the muscle that is on the top of your shoulder. The upper trapezius reacts to pain and postural muscle imbalance by 'turning on' and trying to the work of the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder. It also attempts to take over for the deep stabilisers of the neck creating increased stress on the neck. This stretch helps to settle these muscles down. This stretch works well in the shower, letting the hot water hit the muscle as you stretch.

  • Sitting in a chair or standing with shoulders down and back and chest up, bring you ear towards your shoulder, creating a stretch in your upper shoulder.
  • Return slowly.
  • Work only in pain free range of motion.
  • Do not apply overpressure.
  • Do not experience any pain.

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