Terminal Knee Extension

Professional Rationale
Key exercise to regain terminal knee extension. Particularly helpful with the presentation of a quad lag, or inhibited distal quads from surgery or traumatic injury and pain.

Client Rationale
This is an exercise used to strengthen the end range of your quadriceps muscle - the group of 4 muscles on the front of your thigh that help to straighten your knee and stop your knee from buckling.

  • Fix theraband in door at knee level.
  • Loop the theraband around the back of your knee.
  • Have a slight bend in the hip and the knee to start.
  • Your heel can be off the ground.
  • Straighten your knee back into extension.
  • Do not hyperextend your knee.
  • Do not rock back and forth or lean forward.
  • Do not bend opposite knee.

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