Supine Sciatic Nerve Floss

Professional Rationale
Classic nerve flossing technique based on David Butler's extensive research on nervous system mobility. This exercise must be symptom free and must not cause latent symptoms. The position can be altered so that you wind up the nerve only minimally.

Client Rationale
This is a nerve flossing exercise. Sometimes nerves become scarred down and they create a lot of discomfort. Nerves do not like to be stretched (Muscles stretch from end to end without difficulty), and therefore there is a certain amount of mobility throughout your entire nervous system to accommodate to various positions. When nerves can't 'glide' the way there are supposed to due to scar tissue, they need to be 'flossed' to break up the scar tissue and regain normal mobility. If you have symptoms with this exercise, lower the leg slightly, or bend slightly at the knee.

  • Lie on the floor with your calf resting on an ottoman, table, or pillows.
  • Hip should be flexed about 30-45 degrees.
  • Keep knee straight.
  • Point and flex your foot slowly.
  • Do not rotate your hip.
  • You should not feel any symptoms with this exercise.

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