Great Toe Extension Strength

Professional Rationale
A very useful neuromuscular retraining exercise to help improve overall foot biomechanics and function. Patients can really struggle with engaging the EHL and it can be helpful to give them tactile input initially to help them coordinate the firing of the EHL.

Client Rationale
This is an exercise to 'turn on' the Extensor Hallucis Longus muscle. The EHL works eccentrically (lengthens as it works) to help bring your foot smoothly to the ground. Often this muscle gets inhibited and as you compensate you can develop an injury, for example, shin splints. If you are unable to coordinate the toe motion without the other toes participate, simply start by 'thinking about' lifting up your toe, and this will help to wake up this muscle.

  • Start with foot flat on the floor.
  • Extend big toe.
  • Let other toes rest of the floor.

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