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In Clinic Sharing
Ever heard of divide and conquer? Leverage your clinics best talent. Share their knowledge and expertise with others in the clinic. No one person can be an expert at everything, but everyone can be an expert at something. Capitalize on that. Share custom evaluation forms, exercises, protocols and letter templates with each other.
Mavenlive on the iPad
The tablet is the new way of computing and in a busy clinic it's the ideal device to carry around when seeing patients. Mavenlive, being point and click, works great on a tablet

Because Mavenlive is a web-based application; it runs in nearly every modern web browser on nearly every device: tablet, laptop, even your smart phone. Direct your tablet's web browser to and you're there!

Save the Mavenlive website as a bookmark and have it amongst your favorite apps for a quick and easy launch.
Customizable Evaluations
Completely customize your evaluation forms to adhere to your philosophies and treatment style. Don't be boxed in by using a rigid form that you have to adapt to... let your Mavenlive point and click assessment forms adapt to you. As you grow, Mavenlive will grow with you.

It's easy to add new terms, values, tests, and commonly used phrases so, in the future, they become only a simple click. This removes the tedium of having to hand write lengthy documentation for each patient. Mavenlive's structured assessment form not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures your evaluations are more thorough and consistent.
Fully Edittable Exericses
Stop making pencil edits to your exercises. Instead of continuously scratching out a limb and redrawing it where you really want it, use Mavenlive's interactive exercise builder to create the exercises images you really want.

Once you have saved the exercises you've created or ones that you've modified, you can then share your creations with the other users in your clinic.
Print or Email
Print off any of the exercise programs you create or any correspondance letters you might prepare for your referring providers. However take advantage of a quick and easy way to email these documents right from within Mavenlive. Your patients could recieve the home exercise program you've prepared, emailed right to their smart phone before they leave the clinic!
Immediate Chat Support
Ever been frustrated with contacting the support department? Yup. We all have.

The internet is changing how customer service is delivered. Our live chat feature allows us to chat instantly with you right when you need help. You'll find that having assistance available instantly, right when you need it, makes learning new software a snap.

You'll get to know us, and we'll get to know you. This continuous feedback loop allows us to rapidly improve the software to better meet your needs.

Let's have a conversation. Try it now, say Hi!
Available Anywhere, Anytime
Unlike software that is loaded on the hard drive of a particular computer, Mavenlive exists on the internet, in the "cloud". This is the same as applications that allow you to book flights and hotels; you don't need to be at the computer its loaded on, you can access it from any computer. This means that you can work from the office or from home. Just like a smart phone you can use it anywhere there's an internet connection
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