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Assessment Screenshot
Automated Assessments
Mavenlive follows your natural work flow with your patients. Your exercise prescription will be based on your patient assessment. Mavenlive guides you through a logical assessment that is point and click, reducing the need for typing and allowing you to concentrate on your patient. Initially you'll probably use the built in form, but it is completely customizable.
Automated Exercise Prescription
Mavenlive automatically suggests and generates the appropriate exercises for your patient based on your assessment; this is completely customizable. No more searching for exercises!
Exercises Prescription Screenshot
Correspondance Editor Screenshot
Automated Correspondence
Because Mavenlive stores everything in a structured manner, not only can Mavenlive suggest exercises it can write correspondence letters automatically, building good will for your practice and freeing you from the tedium of this task.
Automated Documentation
Once you have finished your assessment, exercise prescription and selected the correspondence you want to send, everything about the visit is automatically documented in a clear easy to read format.
Documentation Form Screenshot
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